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Ten years ago, our journey in the real estate world began with a simple dream – like many other families, we wanted to own our own home. However, the soaring market prices quickly made it apparent that our dream might remain just that – a dream. Instead of giving up, we took a different path and invested in apartments as a way to secure our future.

Our journey in the world of real estates started 10 years ago.

As we watched the market evolve and prices escalate, it became clear that Limassol, a city we love for over 15 years, was becoming less and less affordable for small families like ours. That’s when we decided to take action.

I’m Yishay Barlev, and alongside my wife Keren, we embarked on a mission to bring about change in the real estate market. We believe that change begins with small steps, and our journey is our contribution to making a difference. Our goal is simple – to offer houses that not only meet your practical needs as a homeowner but also fill you with the joy of living in a great home, in a great location.

At Terrarium Properties, your comfort and pride in homeownership are our top priorities. Just as we wish for ourselves, we refuse to compromise on quality. We meticulously select the finest materials, kitchens, and ceramics, primarily sourced from Italy and Spain, all under the watchful eye of our trusted partners at CSS Architects & Designers.

Our company, Terrarium Properties, is built to be self-sustaining, much like the ecological systems you might find in a terrarium – thriving, balanced, and self-contained. We don’t just want to provide you with a house; we wish to offer you a home where you can create lasting memories.

Thank you for considering Terrarium Properties for your real estate journey. We’re here to make your homeownership dream a reality.

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